Benefits of Getting Tooth Implants

Benefits of Getting Tooth Implants

Dental implants look and function like real teeth, so they don’t have to be removed, and they can help you maintain a natural smile and facial shape. Your neighboring teeth will shift and become out of position when your tooth is missing, affecting your chewing ability and bite. In addition to looking uncomfortable, an improper bite can also cause TMJ and headaches. Dental implants are the best option for addressing these problems. However, be sure you know the tooth implant cost in Abu Dhabi.

Dental implants prevent adjacent teeth from drifting toward the empty sockets:

Missing teeth can drift toward an open space if they are not replaced. Dental implants restore the smile and prevent neighboring teeth from drifting, but they also help keep the bone density in the jaw intact. Your teeth are held in place by the roots and surrounding teeth. When one is lost, the adjacent teeth tend to tilt toward the space, causing oral health problems.

They preserve and stimulate bone growth:

Tooth implants are a great way to replace missing teeth because they look and feel like real teeth. Implant-supported replacement teeth have the same strength and function as natural teeth and do not need to be removed from the mouth to be cleaned. Because they are anchored in the jawbone, they do not cause bone loss and help preserve facial structure. Aside from looking great, implants help stop bone loss and preserve the facial shape.

They reduce the pain and discomfort of removable dentures:

There are many benefits to getting tooth implants to replace missing teeth. Conventional dentures are ill-fitting and can slip around the mouth. Because of this, the facial muscles tense up to keep the dentures in place. This causes the mouth to feel uncomfortable, which leads to slurred speech and clicking noises. However, you can speak naturally and relax your face with replacement teeth. Besides, dental implants provide you with a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem.

They blend in with natural teeth:

Dental implants allow you to smile naturally, reclaim your smile, and feel confident in social situations. They also allow you to eat, speak, and perform basic tasks without difficulties. They are anchored to the jawbone and feel and function like natural teeth. You can eat, speak, and laugh without reservations about an implanted tooth. And if you’ve always wanted to get dental implants, you can.

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